A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol

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May 25, 2019

One of the timeless classics, A Christmas carol by Charles Dickens provides the delight portrayed in the several adaptations seen on TV throughout this holiday season. However, being curious about the original tale, decided to delve into the Ebenezer’s scrooge and his tale of moral transformation. The book is darker than what is shown on TV, focusing on others and their perspective of Scrooge. Their opinions, rather vulgar at times showcase the effects one has on the lives around them. Regardless the tale is still uplifting as scrooge is much more accepting of the moral changes, he needs to undergo faster than what is seen in shows. It is still a very fun read and done exquisitely well by Jim Dale, who has a good voice for woman as well as men. Giving scrooge a rough demeaner but being able to soften him up as the story progressed. Worth a read or re-read to get into the Christmas spirit. Past present or future.

May 21, 2019

An appropriate time to read this classic, just after Christmas.

It comes with more sadness than depicted in the many films of the same name. Scrooge continues to see his deceased business partner Marley which shows that he misses his only friend; but he’s too mean spirited to show it.

Eventually the ghosts of Christmas past show him the light and he gains happiness through giving to others and engaging with them.

We are all social animals and being apart can bring sadness; especially felt during the Christmas period.

bibliosara Apr 10, 2019

Deservedly termed a classic, A Christmas Carol is perhaps not recognized enough for the artistic style Dickens portrays. His choice of words, phrases, and descriptions is incredible. This impressive short story is sentimental, philosophical, and mesmerizing. If you haven't read it already, do.

A timeless classic, readily enjoyable by all, plus several lesser known but still impressive works.

Dec 12, 2018

Being a print shop worker in my young adulthood, but not being a serious student of English literature, I was fascinated by the foreword and introduction. Did not know about Dickens's social activism, nor the speed with which he wrote the story. My only familiarity with Christmas Carol was with the Mr. Magoo cartoon version which, don't get me wrong, carries a message and is very enjoyable. Reading this book took the story to a new level for me. I followed up with watching the 1951 movie starring Alistair Sim. A wonderful mini-immersion in this story.

Dec 04, 2018

Charles Dickens - `A Christmas Carol, ` illustrated by P. J. Lynch was a very quick and enjoyable read. This has to among the best of the best Classics.
It awakened my desire to watch again the Classic 1951 film on DVD starring Alastair Sim as Ebenezer Scrooge; it almost certainly has to be considered as the very best. However, I also consider `The Muppets Christmas Carol` (1992 film) with Michael Caine to be a treasure as well as the original - A Christmas Carol (1938 film) version starring Reginald Owen. Recommended by Senior-Doctor-at-bass-fishing. D. A.

Mar 07, 2017

Over the past few years, I have pick up a copy of the Christmas Carol and read it over the holiday season. In a country that has so much and at the same time, a growing class of those that have less and less, Dickens' classic story of rebirth of one man's humanity through a Yuletide haunting brings forth the true meaning of the holiday. As many already know, the proverbial "proof is in the pudding" that the book is a much richer telling of the story than any movie portrayal. When the days start to get shorter and the last leaves on the trees has fallen, pick up a copy of the Christmas Carol to enrich your holiday celebration. Just make sure to leave a copy for me.

DIckens' classic tale reminds us that no matter how far removed from the Christmas spirit we are, there's always hope. Recommended by James

Dec 20, 2015

Have you heard about Tiny Tim? Well, here's the origin of him. I have read, heard and seen many mentions or characters or even jokes using him, so it was a great surprise and pleasure to meet him finally!...
This is the book to read before X'mas, for sure!

Dec 07, 2015

"A Christmas Carol" is one of the best pieces of classic literature ever written! The plot is meaningful and encouraging; also, the characters are memorable and well developed. While it is easy to simply watch the film every year, reading the book is also a great Christmas tradition to adopt. This story is sure to make the audience cry and laugh as they walk through life with Scrooge. This is a must read story for both young and old! Charles Dickens' masterful storytelling skills combined with his keen awareness for identifying a societal problem are at their best in "A Christmas Carol!"

Jun 21, 2015

One of the best versions of a classic I have ever read . This one has humor and the illustrations are great And doesn't take forever to read . Very enjoyable. Even the younger kids will have patience to sit for this version.

janellejordan Jun 03, 2015

A great way to see how the holiday spirit changed an old man.

Dec 29, 2014

This is a story we all know super well, but I was really surprised that it was written in a way I found quite enjoyable. Given how old it is, I didn’t expect to find the humour so clever or some of the narrator’s observations so well-put and relatable. It’s one of those classics that is really easy to enjoy.

Jan 28, 2014

I think I like the general story more than I enjoyed the book. The language tripped me up and had a difficult time keeping me interested. It might because I've heard the story so many times but its still an amazing story! So story = 5 stars, Book = 3 Stars

Dec 11, 2012

its 4 ghosts not 3.
Marly is a ghost to!

Grace_Enitan Jun 27, 2012

This book opened my eyes to a whole different side and meaning of Christmas. I used to think that Christmas was just another time of the year when annoying family members came over because they had nothing else to do. But once I got past the 4th chapter, it was 'love at first sight'. Now, I understand that what you did in the past really has a big impact on your future. This book is a 'must read'.

Mar 16, 2012

I first read Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol in my 7th grade English class. The story remains as lyrical now as I first discovered then. I cannot imagine Christmas or literature without it. The tone is nearly perfect watching Ebenezer Scrooge transform from a cold, old miser into a human being desiring another chance to give back to the world.

To fully appreciate the language, I recommend listening to it or reading the story aloud.

Ann Langone Feb 12, 2011

Seen every version of the movie possible, but i had never read the book before-- i loved it. Rich in detail and language and setting-- I now have some idea what it felt like to be in one of those crooked streets in London in 1843-- the smells and the dirt and soot and the closeness-- to put a hand out the window and almost touch the dirty window next door...The special foods and the games and the feel of it. i loved it and i am amazed at how true so many of the movies remained to the book. Dickens at his best, i think-- full of imagery and descriptive language and good and evil and redemption...at less than 200 pages. The illustrations by P.J. Lynch help convey the mid 19th century feel. Brilliant.

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