Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad

DVD - 2018
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A teenage girl and her little brother must survive a wild 24 hours during which a mass hysteria of unknown origins causes parents to turn violently on their own kids.


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Dec 21, 2020

I'm old enough to remember the sheer audacity, the I-can't-believe-this reactions when I--and millions of others--watched a young Canadian film-maker's horror flicks: videodrome, Shivers, The Brood, Rabid and Scanners.

Believe Mom and Dad's writer/director Brian Taylor, learned a ton from David Cronenberg's work...and now has made it his own in outrageous fashion. First: start with an outrageous premise. Then--thanks to a bigger budget and better technology--actualize that premise in a way Cronenberg couldn't match back in the 1970s.

Result: one of the most obscenely enjoyable flicks I've seen this year.
Premise: suddenly--who knows why (although maybe it's something leaking in through your tV screen...)--parents have this compulsion to kill their kids.

Think of the possibilities. Taylor did, then thought of all the visual and pacing possibilities. Then he got back together with over-the-top guy, Nick Cage (Ghost Rider) and said, hey, whaddya think. Nick's ready to rock! Hilarious, gruesome, ridiculous and highenergy stuff ensues.

Uh-oh: how to END the premise? Maybe Taylor couldn't make up his mind. Maybe there's a sequel on the cutting-room floor. Maybe he got ANOTHER idea and couldn't wait to wrap this one up quickly. Well, heck. Remember Clint Eastwood's classic, Hang 'Em High? That one ended before the story was "finished," too.

ArapahoePatrick Aug 21, 2020

A strange movie where parents suddenly and inexplicably want to kill their kids. This is very solidly one of THOSE Nicholas Cage movies, and I love it.

Jun 07, 2020

Possibly the most despicable premise for a movie aside from The Human Centipede. Everything about this is terrible: the acting, Nic Cage's over-acting, Selma Blair's dreary face, the editing. Billed as a dark comedy about suburban hell, it's just plain dumb.

ReadingAdviser_Sally Mar 10, 2020

Maybe it's because the story line is right up my alley but I liked this movie. It's violent and cheesy and full of some pretty mediocre acting but I still felt like it was a fun hour and a half.

Feb 10, 2020

Nicholas Cage in one of his many rage performances. For some unknown reason adults have some kind of condition that makes them turn homicidal against their own children. Cage and wife played by Selma Blair try their darndest to off their 2 kids any way possible. Middle of the movie to the end Cage and wife attempts to harm their kids turns comically violent. If there ever was a fantasy parent's revenge movie against their teenagers this is it. Still, this was a masterpiece in seeing Nicolas Cage building up his rage and going full blown mental.

Jul 12, 2019

Crazy nicholas cage and selma blair try to kill their kids due to some unknown disease. Poor acting and plotting do nothing to make this show watchable. Really boring.

Jun 13, 2019

Would you find entertaining to watch Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair acting completely over the top, and do crazy? I do! it is pretty funny and entertaining.
Unfortunately, there is barely anything else here. Not much of a thriller, or a horror movie, or a dark comedy. It tries to go in all directions, but it falls short.
There are a few ideas in there that were worth exploring (mid life crisis, socio economic crisis, existential angst) but the director rubs them in our face without any real exploration.

Nov 20, 2018

Not well directed, nor acted, along with a poor script. Made no sense and was a complete waste of time and skipped ahead a few times.
Another one of those really bad Nicholas Cage films.
No special features on this DVD.

Nov 06, 2018

Amusing concept. Horrendous execution.

JCLMikeK Oct 17, 2018

From one of the two brilliant minds that brought us Crank comes "Mom & Dad," a dark satire of modern family life. One day a signal sent through electronic devices reverses the protective instincts of parents all over the country, causing them to turn on their kids and start murdering them. The film never lets up once it gets going, and although I wouldn't recommend it to just anyone, I would definitely recommend it to patrons that enjoy zombie movies, Nic Cage, and/or are just in the mood for something entertaining, irresponsible, and intelligent.

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