Three Women

Three Women

Book - 2019
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This is an astonishing work of narrative journalism - reported over eight years - about the sex lives and desires of three ordinary women. For nearly a decade, award-winning journalist Lisa Taddeo embedded herself with three everyday women to write this deeply immersive account of their erotic lives and longings.
Publisher: New York : Simon and Schuster, ©2019.
ISBN: 9781451642292
Characteristics: x, 306 pages ;,25 cm.


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Aug 14, 2020

honestly kind of amused by how bad this book was! please....everyone....I'm begging you.....just read a romance novel (or two or five or never stop)

Jul 31, 2020

I absolutely hated this book and see it as an author's way to make a fast buck at the expense of revealing the abuse, shameful behavior, and degradation of 3 women. This is NO STUDY. A sample of 3 is in no way a scientific sample. Maggie is groomed and abused by a teacher and then when she attempts to get justice is not believed. If Lina's husband refuses to kiss her or fulfill her needs, just kick his ass to the side. Don't start an affair with a married man with at least one child and cause irreparable harm. The same for Sloane. If your husband gets off by seeing you with other men but you are not comfortable, then my message is the same... Kick his ass to the side and find a mutually fulfilling relationship. If Lina and Sloane could not find meaningful relationships, then there is nothing wrong with living a single life of integrity. They can learn what I learned decades ago: It is far worse to be lonely with someone than to be lonely alone. I do not understand any praise given to this money grubbing piece of trash. Kristi & Abby Tabby

Jun 22, 2020

This is a riveting, explosive work of nonfiction. This book is not for everyone, but I found it enthralling. Taddeo decided to focus to encompass only female desire. To gather research, she crossed the country six times, putting up fliers and loitering in coffee shops, to find women willing to have a frank (as in open-your-diary frank) discussion.

Instead, she ran into the second obstacle, to wit: finding willing participants. Taddeo was clearly looking to do a soul-deep dive, to attain a level of detail that is shocking, even in this era of oversharing. It’s a big ask, and it is not surprising that many potential subjects eventually balked and withdrew. Thus, Taddeo’s original project was whittled down once more. No longer a book about female desire, it transformed into a book about the desires (however that is defined) of three women.

The three women are Maggie, Lina, and Sloane. (Maggie, due to her circumstances, is the only one not afforded a pseudonym).

All three are white. All are straight. These are unique humans in that they are willing to say aloud, to a writer, things most people hesitate to say to themselves.

Jun 01, 2020

Wow! At first this book felt like porn on paper but as I read this book became so deep and profound and made me think about desire in all its forms, not just sexual desire, but the desire to keep your family together, the desire to seem normal, the desire to protect people we love from harm. It brilliantly illustrates how women aren’t suppose to feel sexual desire and how we are made to feel by others when we do. Exceptionally well written, poignant, and raw.

cals_THjessB Apr 02, 2020

I was excited to start this book after I read the blimp about what it was about. I started reading it and felt even more excited to hear about these women's stories, just like I would want to hear about someone spilling some tea. I felt less excited and more solemn as I read. There were parts of it that I felt very deeply and felt very sad about, not just for these women, but for me and for all women. Sometimes I forgot that they were real, that it wasn't a made up story, I think to distance myself from the trauma of it. I appreciated the author's style. I think the reason I received the book so well is because I'm generally interested in listening to someone's story no matter how it turns out or what it does for me. I don't need it to teach me anything or make me feel a certain way. I don't think I need it to align with any assumptions I have. It felt real and I'm glad I know some form of their stories.

Mar 04, 2020

Lisa Taddeo's debut book is a sort of non-fiction novel, which was pioneered by Truman Capote in "In Cold Blood." As a journalist, she spent years with three women and then wrote their stories, but less as a reporter and more as a novelist. What unites the women is sex, desire, lust. There are many graphic sex scenes, the cumulative result of which is numbing. I'm no prude, and I wasn't repulsed, I was simply bored. The stories themselves are compelling to varying degrees, but I had a problem with Taddeo's style and approach. It seems it would've more effective if she presented their stories without her literary embellishments. By far the best and most moving story is Maggie, who had an affair with a teacher, and years later, tries to press charges. Despite its weaknesses, it's still worth reading.

Feb 08, 2020

absolute trash!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 21, 2020

I feel unresolved.
Often when reading stories of others, I do so to seek a better understanding of myself and feel the reflection of my pain in others in a way that it can be subconsciously processed. Since this book is not a work of fiction and is instead stories of women who are still alive, I find their stories still echoing in my system... unresolved much like my own stories and traumas. Will they be okay? Likely... do I know that for sure. Definitely not. My care is still reaching out to them and likely still will until the thread frays, dangling in the wind.
I wish there were more resolution in the ending somehow, some way the author wrapped it up in such a way that tied up my threads in a bow and leaves them with the closing of the book. I also did not appreciate the chapter mechanism, splitting the stories into pieces read in turn. This made it more difficult for me to dive into one story. Instead, I had to hold several intense peaks at once until they were resolved. I just wanted to finish one story, and by the time i realized that, i was too far into the book and the chapters too split up that i didn't feel i could make that happen for myself. I was simply along for three emotional rollercoaster rides at once.

Jan 10, 2020

Stopped reading this. Didn’t get any sense of agency from the author’s descriptions of these women. Found their stories to be too sad.

Dec 30, 2019

Although I don't fully agree with the author's thesis, the eAudiobook is a compelling listen. The nuggets of relatability buried within each character will hook you.

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Oct 02, 2019

We don’t remember what we want to remember. We remember what we can’t forget.

Aug 06, 2019

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