Okay, finding it hard to begin this review. Not totally sure how I feel about the book. I like the storyline, I love Raven and think he's the best character so far, and Damon is an interesting development. (Spoilers ahead). But the book is way too predictable and over-dramatic. I think Damon is a bad Halfling, Nikki is part Halfling but has had her genetics altered by Omega Corporations, and whichever guy she doesn't end up with (she'll be part Halfling already so it'll be okay) will get together with one of the Golden Girls. But, okay, Nikki's constantly shifting mood in the face of danger, Mace's sudden and complete infatuation with her that made me want to gag, and the not-so-subtle thoughts the characters had of "I knew my life was about to change for the worse", or "I had a sudden feeling that one of us wouldn't be alive by the end of this journey" were kind of annoying. The one part of the book that I enjoyed the most was the fight session Nikki had with Raven. Honestly, I live his character. He's so troubled and is on the verge of giving up hope. Mace vows to stick by him and help him get his hope back, and when he was with Nikki, his eyes lightened! She's bringing out the good in him! Instead of condemning him to an eternal life of pain and misery, she'll actually be leading him to the light! And what I like about him is he isn't disgustingly attached to her, he wants to make her believe in herself and loves her for who she is now, and has a better backstory with his struggle to stay good.

Zero is weird, Vine is adorable, the Golden Girls will be an interesting addition (where's their angel?) and I can't wait to find out what's up with Damon. Oh, and for later reference, Nikki's parents have been killed, Damon has had her house cleared out, and Nikki has run to Will and the Halflings.
(By the way, it hasn't come up again at all pretty much that Nikki is a Seer. Um... okay)

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