Crochet for Christmas
Crochet for Christmas 29 Patterns for Handmade Holiday Decorations and Gifts By Baca, Salena Book - 2015

This book has a wide range of projects from clothing (including a top and two sweaters, as well as the typical hats and mittens), to ornaments, mason jar cozies, an iPad cozy, the required stocking, etc. Several of the projects look like they have been designed to look like they have been knitted.
This made my Thread Crochet list because of two patterns; a tank top with a lacy yoke and a "holly and ivy kissing ball", both from size 10 crochet thread.
One thing that I appreciated about this book is that the yarns that it uses are readily available and are pretty cheap (although, obviously, if you want to go for something nicer, you can just swap it out).

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