The hits keep on coming. This is another strong entry in the Bosch series. Connelly explores two issues here.

First, Harry is working a double homicide with the San Fernando PD, which is linked to a crime syndicate. My only beef here is that throughout the book, what is obviously OxyContin is referred to as Oxycodone. It's a misstep that breaks the verisimilitude for me. OC is called Hillbilly Heroin, oxycodone in other formulations is not, and would never be given in the doses described in the novel. Regardless, Connelly does an expert job of taking us into the octopus-like stranglehold that the opiod addiction has on the country and gives us realistic details of how these drugs are put on the streets.

At the same time, someone that Bosch put on death row is asking to have his conviction vacated. At first, this felt like a side story, maybe some filler, but as this storyline progressed, Connelly did an awesome job at tying this to our current economy and the shady deals done in the aftermath of the 2009 recession. How they come together? Well let's just say, I think it's Bosch's fault, but he thinks it is the fault of his attorney, and half-brother, Mickey Haller.

Loved all the flashback characters. I hope Connelly keeps churning these out in real-time. His writing has never been better.

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