"Wedded Bliss" Wicked Worthington Series, Book 5
by Celeste Bradley May 2017
Captain Morgan Pryce was the half older brother of Lord Neville Danton, Fourteenth Duke of Camberton. He needed to save Neville from a conniving gold digger according to his uncle, Lord Oliver. Lord Oliver had intercepted letters from the lady and she wanted to meet and marry secretly. Lord Oliver told Morgan that he would give him his own ship if he would marry Miss Bliss Worthington instead and save his brother.
Arrangements were made and Bliss entered the dim chapel and there she saw Neville up front with the hood of his rain cloak covering his head. The priest mumbled the wedding vows barely audible over the storm. When they went to sign the register she saw that the person who signed wasn't Neville but Morgan Pryce. What?????
At the altar Bliss was then shocked at finding out that it was Neville's brother there instead of Neville.
Morgan Announced to his new bride, "I am your husband Mrs. Pryce. Neville is now safe from your grasping ways. Happy day to both of us".
Now all he had to do was consummate the marriage and he would be a proud owner of his own ship!
But does Bliss give up so easily? Happy Reading! ReadingGenie

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