'After Anna' is a very different psychological drama from Lisa Scottoline.

The timeline of the book is written backwards from the husbands point of view and forward from the wife's. That worked well.

However, and it's a great big HOWEVER, the dialog, especially that of the wife, her best friend and the daughter left me cold. It's juvenile and stilted. I don't understand how an educated Lisa Scottoline surrounded by educated people could possible think an adult would speak in such a sophomoric way, even a woman such as the wife who was trying so desperately to ingratiate herself with her daughter. I kept yelling at the pages, "Grow up lady! You're an adult!"

The story, working to where the two timelines finally meet is quite interesting, but then out of nowhere comes this convenient ending so utterly ridiculous it left me a bit angry.

For some reason I had been putting off reading 'After Anna' for months. I had gotten it from the library (repeatedly!) because, Lisa Scottoline!, but kept passing it over in favor of other books. I really couldn't explain to myself why. I should have followed my instinct and let it go.

3 stars and hoping for better from Lisa Scottoline who has never before disappointed.

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