So - As the story goes....

Sam, the snowman (as our narrator), tells us the gripping tale of a young red-nosed reindeer who, after being ousted from the reindeer games (because of his beaming red honker), teams up with Hermey, the little elf who wants to be a dentist, and Yukon Cornelius, the old prospector.

Together this happy trio runs into the Abominable Snowman and, from there, they soon find a whole island of misfit toys.

Rudolph vows to see if he can get Santa to help the toys, and, with that, he returns to the North Pole on Christmas Eve. But Santa's sleigh is fogged in. And then when Santa takes a look at Rudolph (and his red nose), he gets a very bright idea... Wink. Wink.... And the rest is Xmas story-telling history.... (*Watch video-clip*)

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