Star Wars
Star Wars Episode VII, The Force Awakens DVD - 2016

Hands down the worst Star Wars film ever made.

Great special effects, but otherwise a disaster, and a huge disservice to the characters of the originals.

If Disney had actually used stuff from the Expanded Universe (EU) books/games more fans wouldn't be angry because they were way better, and have good character development, not some whiny existential nihilist BS. The fans are angry because they threw out all the stuff many of us nerds had come to know that was a good overall story arch over the decades. So please stop using the sexist or racist card towards those of us who read. We did our homework, read the books, and have logical reasons we don't like it that we can solidly argue intelligently. In the EU the Solos have 3 kids, Luke has a green lightsaber and teaches Jedi, Chewie dies saving the Solo kids, Leia has a lightsaber and is learning the force, Lando has a ship called The Lady Luck, and Mara Jade marries Luke after killing his clone. The character development in the EU is far better, more complex and more interesting.

Rian Johnson should never make another film. The only people I know that like this film are trolling hipsters that never read anything in the EU and want to seem cool or edgy. They are the posers not the hardcore fans.

Disney has a long history of often taking things and dumbing them down to the lowest, sometimes crowd pleasing, common denominator. In this case SW Episode 1 is better despite being the 2nd worst film, but at least it gets 2 stars. Rogue One and Solo are decent, but The Last Jedi is an unfiltered garbage, sewage-filled dumpster fire.

Read the Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zahn (Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising, The Last Command). It's what the sequels were supposed to be. Legends term be damned. It's my canon, and you'll enjoy it more (and hopefully make it yours). I promise.

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