DrDosa does a wonderful witty job of describing the perks of having animals or pets in your daily or near daily life. The real story however here is on ALZHEIMERS and just what caregivers have to go through concerrning the burden of having family members in their care desperately trying to cope with dementia. of course, the desperation is relative as to who's point you look at it - th patient, relation, caregiver, doctor, nurse, etc. and especially whether these incredible people have any quality of life at home or in a nursing facility. at times, the only constant in their minds would be the family pet, or the residential animal who would be in tune to their needs.
i certainly do believe Oscar and his feline friends do possess the intuition or connection that the members of their family have with them and they do indeed know when they would do well to be present - or should i quote - act as a 'bridge' and be their for the patient when they die. Akin to something quite spriritual one would think, yes?
I highly recommend this wonderful quirky book about Oscar and more importantly to find out so much more about what your love ones (and you) experience with ALZEIHMERS! Enjoy.

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