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ArapahoePLaurel made a comment Jul 06 2018
"I love Lisa Scottoline. I have read and recommended all of her books. But this one just fell a little flat for me. I feel the ending was rushed. It was like this is who do it and this is what happened the end. Done. I still enjoyed it but was a li..." Permalink
ArapahoePLaurel made a comment Apr 26 2018

The Post

DVD - 2018
"I was a child when the Vietnam war was in full swing. I heard about these issues but did not take the time to research and understand until now. I felt that the movie opened my eyes to many events that outline and create our history as a nation. F..." Permalink
ArapahoePLaurel made a comment Dec 15 2016

The Sea of Trees

DVD - 2016
"The sea of trees touches the soul spiritually and emotionally Matthew McConaughey plays professor, Arthur Brennan, who travels to Aokigahara Jukai forest. Aokigahara Jukai is known as Japan’s suicide forest. There he meets a mysterious strang..." Permalink
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Oct 21 2016
"Churches often fail victims of abuse. They advised the victims to "forgive, forget, and move on." The advice leads to guilt and confusion on the part of the victim, and leaves the abuser free to continue abusing others. Allender prese..." Permalink
ArapahoePLaurel made a comment Oct 21 2016
"Healing is possible for those who are survivors of sexual abuse. This book gives an insight to the depths of your heart. Gives you freedom to continue down a road that isn't discussed very often. And offers hope where you felt there was none. It w..." Permalink
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