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2rosedale2 made a comment Sep 19 2018
"Really,really good. Keeps the story moving and interesting and exciting. I have read many books in this genre and this is up there with the best." Permalink
2rosedale2 added a title to their In progress shelf May 16 2018
Game of Thrones
DVD - 2017
The long winter is here. The penultimate Season 7 of this blockbuster hit series focuses on a convergence of armies and attitudes that have been brewing for years.
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John Jamison
May 16 2018
"I couldn't finish this book. I found I did not really care about any of the characters and what the outcomes would be for their lives or even what the outcome of the mystery was. The story lines seem muddied together rather than being connected." Permalink
2rosedale2 made a comment Apr 16 2018
"This is exceptionally entertaining. Maybe his best yet." Permalink
2rosedale2 rated a title Apr 16 2018
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