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Dec 18, 2015VV17 rated this title 4 out of 5 stars
"Mr. Miracle" is a nice Christmas read. The characters Addie and Erich are fun and charming to read about. Needless to say, the plot revolves around their romantic relationship. Besides the human characters, Harry Mills also presents a fun angel character the audience can enjoy. While poor Harry has a lot to learn about humans, he gradually learns by his mistakes what the best decision should be. It must be noted that the novel ends somewhat abruptly. It almost felt like the full arc of narrative wasn't completely developed. Also, the title is somewhat deceiving. Nowhere in the book is there a Mr. Miracle (although Harry is suppose to be reflective of the title); this seemed a bit odd. "Mr. Miracle" is enjoyable but definitely not as nicely developed as "Call Me Mrs. Miracle" for example.